New Foundation to Preserve the Legacy of the “Architect of Detroit”

Detroit, Michigan. September, 2020  

The Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation is a new nonprofit organization established to celebrate and preserve the life, work, and impact of Detroit’s most iconic and celebrated architects of the 20th century: Albert Kahn.

“Albert Kahn’s name evokes emotions in many people for various reasons.  The inspiration Albert Kahn gives us is that one person does have the ability to change the world,” explained Heidi Pfannes, President of the Foundation. “He shared his influence with those around him, changing conversations, which changed industries, and changed lives.”

“No other architect has had the impact that Albert has on society,” continued Pfannes. “It is time we recognize the influence he has made on our world.  As a foundation, we get to celebrate his contributions, protect the legacy, and continue to share the impact of his legacy for future generations.”  

The Board of Directors is composed of historians, preservationists, architects, business leaders, and Kahn family members who share the belief that the work of Albert Kahn is worth preserving and protecting for future generations.

Located in the heart of Detroit, the Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation will collect, preserve, maintain, and display the work of Albert Kahn, sharing with the public the far-reaching influence and impact of his legacy. The Foundation will strive to keep Albert Kahn’s legacy alive by providing grants, scholarships, fellowships, exhibitions, educational tours, and much more. 

Check back here and on social media for more information and ways to get involved.

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